The Human Water-Walk


Do you remember the first time you were able to finally touch the bottom of the pool for the first time? That feeling of triumph and jubilation was the response to overcoming that giant hurdle that only time allowed to happen. After years of being too small to swim alone in the big pool and too big for the kiddie pool, the moment finally comes when you reach your big toe down, testing it at first, then it brushes the bottom and your face explodes with surprise and complete satisfaction. The days of seeing how far you could doggy paddle before you sank and mom came to the rescue were finally over. You either became big enough or brave enough to launch yourself forward into the world of pool standing.

This is a milestone that I thought was primarily reserved for human children. Apparently I was wrong, because the look on this dogs face shows the pride he’s feeling at accomplishing this feat. If he could talk, I’m almost sure he would be saying, “I did it!” It might even be a bigger accomplishment for a dog to touch down with their back feet. We always walk on two feet, but our furry friends are the walk on all fours type. That this dog even knew what to do to get just two feet down is pretty impressive. Not to mention staying upright and keeping the balance to actually walk around.

When us humans swim around, paddling with both our hands and our feet in a dog-like fashion, it’s called the doggy paddle. When dogs do this, it’s just called swimming. There’s really no word or phrase that describes the situation when we stop swimming and just walk around in the water. So maybe we should just call it human water-walking. Since dogs don’t actually doggy paddle, they just swim, and humans don’t human water-walk, we just water-walk, this seems like it could be a fair trade for both species. Happy first day of Summer!


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