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Horses Being…Well Horses

Written by Keenan Angel

Horses like to have fun just like any other animal. They enjoy playing, frolicking and prancing around. Horses aren’t concerned if its snow, rain or sunshine. If a horse falls in the snow and begins playing is it still considered a snow angel or a snow horse angel?

Horses are known for riding. That’s what these animals were bred to do. Horses are gentle giants. They have an abundance of love, just like dogs, that they don’t mind sharing with anyone who will accept it. There are many facts about horses that people aren’t aware of. Horses, on average, can weigh around 1200 pounds. That’s a lot of eating which needs to be done every day. The amount they shovel down would astound most people. The average horse can eat anywhere from eighteen to twenty-one pounds of food. Horses are unable to throw up. There is a valve that is located between their stomach and throat, that is so strong, it doesn’t allow food to come back up.

Horses brains may be the size of a walnut but they also happen to be incredibly smart. This is why they are capable of being master escape artists. They’ve been known to escape out of their fences and pens. They also have the largest eyes of any animal which obviously aids them in planning their escape routes. When horses look like they are laughing or smiling they’re actually doing a special nose-enhancing technique known as “flehmen”. They use this to determine whether a smell is a good or bad. Everyone can still think that they’re smiling at us. It makes both lives incredibly more happy. They’re social animals and prefer to be around people. They don’t like being alone so if you have a horse, be sure to keep them company.


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