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Hitchhiking Pigeon


This bird has places to go, and obviously needs a ride. He has no intentions of getting off of that car any time soon, even the windshield wipers are not a deterrent. What totally cracks me up is hearing the guy’s enthusiastic narrations as he tries to get his feathery hitchhiker to move. The bird makes it all the way to the freeway and seems to be thoroughly enjoying the ride!

You generally don’t hear a lot of good things about pigeons; in fact people seem to hold nothing but for disdain for them. I have heard them referred to as rodents, pests, and winged rats. I get it, I mean pigeons can be rather annoying, they live in large flocks and poop like crazy, not cool. But, they aren’t all bad- no really they are pretty cool check it out J

Pigeons are actually very intelligent and complex birds. In fact, they are one of a small group of species that can pass the ‘mirror test’-which means they are able to recognize themselves. Not only that, they can recognize all of the letters in the alphabet, and differentiate between photographs. They are also able to distinguish different humans.


Pigeons are social creatures, and live in flocks between 20-30 birds. They are also true love birds; they mate for life and raise their chicks together. The male and female equally share the chick raising responsibilities; both incubate the eggs and do feedings.

Today pigeons are accused of being dirty and disease carrying creatures, however they are actually quite clean. There is very little evidence proving they are significant transmitters of disease. In fact, these birds have lived along side man for thousands of years, the first documentations date back to 3000bc. Pigeon droppings were considered the best fertilizer available, and were extremely valuable.

So, if I ever have the pleasure of picking up a hitchhiking pigeon, I will happily take him for a ride!


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