Hi Pug, Meet Log!


This little guy must have momentarily forgotten that he was a pug. A fact that was painfully reiterated as his little legs couldn’t give him the oomph he needed to clear the log. If he didn’t already have that smooshed little face, one might assume that it was a permanent side effect of log collision. That flat wrinkly face is oddly similar to a slow motion shot of someone walking into a glass sliding door face first. A memorable sight, for those who witness it. Although, being stuck looking like that permanently would take some getting used to.

Due to their facial shape and abundance of wrinkles, pugs take a bit of extra care. Humidity and heat are not friendly things for pugs. Imagine being outside on a hot and humid day while having deep furry wrinkles on your forehead. Yeah, that doesn’t sound so nice. This is why it’s important to regularly clean those little flaps of skin. But while cleaning them is a good thing, the drying part is absolutely crucial. If you merely clean them and leave them wet, the moisture just sits in there, covered up and cultivating all sorts of bad things that will leave your dog with skin infections. No one wants that, especially Mr. Pug.

Not only do they have a flat wrinkly face, but pugs have eyes that nearly bug out of their heads and short little legs to support their barrel bodies. It would seem as though someone created these dogs just to have a little bit of comedy in their lives. Even their personalities can be somewhat clownish at times. Gentle and sweet, but mischievous to the core; pugs make excellent companions. Which is actually the exact purpose of the pug. Many dogs are bred to be hunters. Each breed is specially picked and designed for hunting certain animals. Their sizes and proportions, temperament and many other things are considered in their creation. Pugs do not fall into this category. They most likely were bred to be sturdy, small and loveable. Primarily companion dogs. That’s why we can laugh as this guy misses that crucial jump, because it’s a pug who is completely out of its element.


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