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Here Chicky, Chicky!


I’m not really sure what type of a bird, Big Bird from Sesame Street is. He’s most likely not a chicken. But all I could think when I saw that big yellow blob pouring through that hole was, “It’s Big Bird!”

I never realized how many different breeds of chickens there were until I tried to find out what type the yellow one was. There are literally hundreds of them. I’m more used to seeing them without their heads, feathers and feet. I never gave any thought to how very beautiful they could have been beforehand.

I guess when that time comes in your life, where you learn where your food comes from, it’s just easier not to think about the before of the animal. This is the biggest reason people become vegetarians. I have toyed with the idea myself, due to my empathy for animals. I compartmentalize, by only thinking of food as meat and only thinking of animals as friends. I completely ignore that the in between even happens.


There certainly are some beautiful chickens out there. There’s one called an Appenzeller. It has spots like a dalmatian. Another one, the Frizzle, looks almost exactly as the name sounds. A white frizzy fuzz ball. The Marsh Daisy is gorgeous, sporting nearly every color that the rainbow holds. The Silkie is another one that looks exactly how it sounds. I believe the yellow one I was specifically hunting for is either a Pekin or a Buff Orpington.

Oh, and I looked it up, just in case you were wondering what kind of bird Big Bird is. The truth is, Big Bird’s species is as much a mystery as Fez’s origin on That 70’s Show. He has referred to himself as a Lark, a Golden Condor and a Canary. He mentioned that his Grandpa was an Emu and his uncle is a Turkey. I think Big Bird himself is a little confused about his origin. But, now you know.


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