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We all know that our dogs are far more than just animals. If we are willing to open our hearts to them, they can fill that heart space with a special kind of love. It’s the kind of love that we reserve for the ones who we hold most dear. The kind of love that bonds us together as family. That’s how the animals in our lives should be treated; as the family members that we claim them to be. So shouldn’t they get the same treatment as our human children?

When parents go to work for the day (or night) we leave our children in the care of someone that we trust completely. We know that this care provider will help our children grow and feel welcome in our absence. Yet we leave our furbabies home alone to entertain themselves, where they often just lay around in a state of depression wondering when we will come home. Sometimes they’re not so silent. Occasionally they will act out and be destructive. This is their way of telling us that they were not happy to be left alone.

One woman decided that she should change this situation and make that time more fun for all latchkey dogs. She started a doggy daycare in Norfolk, VA. It turned into an 18,000 square foot resort featuring all of the things dogs love most, aside from you. From custom made beds to an indoor swimming pool; your dog will be treated like part of a family and may even make a doggy friend or two. I know I could have used this a few weeks ago, when I left my dog at home for longer than I intended to and she tore a cat-sized hole in the back door. It was totally my fault; if only she had been having fun at a doggy day care instead.


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