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I don’t know what it is about cows, but they always make me smile and I can’t help but say, “Moo!” Only it’s usually not just a short little “moo”, I feel like I should make it as accurate as possible. It often comes out more as a “MMMOOOOWWWW!!!.” That way, I feel that they understand me better if I communicate more clearly.

Most people are carnivores, so that euphoria that we sometimes feel when seeing them could be brought on by the thought of that next juicy steak. Oh and that glass of milk with a fresh warm chocolate chip cookie, yum! They also have adorable features though that can almost make you feel guilty; almost.

These happy cows live on a farm in Bruton, Somerset. That’s England, folks. This is a pretty awesome farm too, they are 100% green. They turn their farm and dairy waste into biogas and use solar energy, so they are self-sufficient in the electricity and gas department.


In Denmark, on the third Sunday of every April, they have a day that they call, “Dancing Cow Day.” This is the day that they let their 60,000 organic cows from 75 farms across the country out of their barns for the summer. They do this at exactly noon.

The cows are so excited to feel the grass on their hooves again, that it sends them into a sort of frenzy. They will buck and run about, yell really loud and prance around as if they were dancing.

This is a huge event there, almost like a holiday. When it began in 2005 it attracted 10,000 people. This year the attendance was recorded at 247,000 people. Thats quite the gain in popularity!

The crowd will cheer in delight as the cows run by them to the pasture where they will continue their bovine party for around twenty minutes before they all settle down and chow some grass.

The reason the cows get so excited is no big mystery. If you were cooped up all winter, you would probably do a boogie dance in the grass in the spring. But, cows will also show such excitement when they experience something out of the ordinary for them.

If you are ever in England in April, keep your eye open for dancing cows. You won’t be sorry.


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