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Hamster Flips


Hamsters are interesting little fur balls to say the least. It’s said that if they aren’t given a big enough cage to roam around in and don’t receive the adequate exercise that they can develop paralysis. I think it’s safe to say that these hamster’s, running so fast in their wheels, they lose control and just flop round and round, are probably completely safe from falling into that category. Well they might get paralysis from a clumsy mistake of losing their footing and cause harm to themselves but they certainly are getting more than enough exercise.

Hamsters often spend the entire night running and gathering food up. It’s not uncommon for a hamster to run up to six miles in a hamster wheel per day. That’s quite the accomplishment. After at the gym when I’m done doing six miles they have to drag me out with a tow rope, let a lone do that continuously, every single day. As previously stated though staying active is a better alternative than being paralyzed. Although that would be a great motivator for us humans to get out in to the world and be active. If your hamster begins to run in circles for more than a few seconds it could be signs of age and may have had a stroke. Yes, even hamsters can get strokes. I’m sure their face doesn’t droop to one side but it would make sense to run in a circle.

When you see a hamster roaming around in his wheel, going at incredibly rapid speeds, just know this is normal. Heck it might even be helpful to add a second wheel in there of a different size so your hamster can have a home gym in his cage. If you can find little hamster dumbbells and it moves them around, please record it for YouTube.


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