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Guinea Pigs and Legos


This video has excitement, adventure, creativity and even a little story line. I found myself incredibly drawn to these two crime fighting guinea pigs and couldn’t help but wonder what they were going to accomplish next.

Carmy and Claire

These two lettuce saving ladies have a really neat story. It’s mostly due to the inspirational uniqueness of their wonderful human.


Father Andrew Trapp is a Catholic priest in the Diocese of Charlestown, SC. He adopted Carmy first, in January of 2009. After about a week of seeing how lonely she was, he decided to get her a friend. That’s how Claire came into the picture. The two girls became best friends instantly and their car driving, crime fighting days began.

Carmy, the brown and white one, was named this because her colors are the same as what the Carmelite Sisters wear. Claire, being all brown, was named after St. Clare. The Poor Clare sisters wear . . . you guessed it, brown! Such fabulously fitting names for these Catholic guinea pigs to have.

Priests are allowed to have pets, within reason. For obvious reasons a dozen cats would be out of the question. Exotic pets, that require special care and an extensive amount of money to maintain would also be frowned upon. There are many priests out there who keep a furred or feathered friend, or friends, for their companionship. For Father Andrew, his preference was for guinea pigs.

Having been a fan of lego’s since boyhood, Father Andrew still had some, that he had held on to. He combined those with some that had been given to him and he created the “Guineamobile.”

The girls and their “Guineamobile,” occasionally will accompany Father Andrew when he teaches religious classes. The kids love to see these little fur balls riding around in a car. Perhaps that’s what inspired him to make these awesome videos that he so kindly shared with the rest of us. Well I say, keep making more! They are wonderfully creative and entertaining.

Another video, this time with the “Guineacycle.”


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