Growing Up Fast With Health Issues


The dangers of irresponsible pet breeding are very real, but the ones who suffer are the baby animals. Those who were born into a poor genetic line and will likely not live long because of it. Even if, like Pegassus, they do beat the odds, they’ll have tremendous health issues throughout their entire journey of life.

Great Danes, like many dogs, are prone to certain, genetic, health issues. When a single dog has several of these unfortunate characteristics, it’s most advised not to breed them. Which makes sense, they have enough going on. It’s enough if love is the only thing they produce. But also, in reproducing, their chances of passing along their condition to their unborn, are greatly enhanced.

When you pair one dog with health issues to another dog, who is also a carrier of these genetic defaults, that’s when the puppies have major issues. Most won’t survive long enough to walk. Some will never even get the chance to open their eyes. Others will live, like Pegassus.


Pegassus survived puppyhood, not without incident, but she grew into an adult dog. Most of her siblings never made it that far. Now, she has some hearing loss, low-functioning kidneys, she’s partially blind and has issues with her back legs holding out while she’s running. She’s getting the finest treatment and love in all directions. She even made a life-long Great Dane companion.

There are cases of triumph in the very dimmest of situations. Most of the time, though, these triumphs come with heavy losses. Be aware of the health of your animals. Trying out your hand in dog breeding without knowing anything about it, is a huge gamble. Don’t do it on a whim, educate yourself first or leave it to the professionals. Healthy dogs make happy people!

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