Great Danes – The Gentle Giant


“Gentle giants” This is the phase most often used to describe Great Danes. They were a German bred mammal and are one of the largest breeds of dog. Females can grow upwards of 130 pounds, while males can get up to 200 pounds!  Don’t let their giant size fool you. This large breed is incredibly loving and affectionate.

If you’re considering adding a Great Dane to your household, here are some things to consider:

Their large size makes for clumsiness, maybe a little slobbering, and taking up lots of room in the house.


They need lots of good running room and exercise outside or they can become a little rambunctious, which could lead to injury because of their stature and strength.

Great Danes, if trained and socialized properly like any breed, make great family pets. They are loyal, protective, and fun-loving. They get along with almost anyone, including strangers and even stranger pets, as seen in this video. But be aware that socialization is key! This particular Dane is sensitive and gentle when meeting this new furry friend, but if not socialized and trained at an early age, Danes can be aggressive towards certain other types of animals and often of dogs that are the same sex.

Overall, if you bring them into a loving, gentle, good-natured atmosphere you will have a spectacular addition to your family that will provide lots of laughs…and kisses…along the way.


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