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Greased Pig Wrestling Contest


This pig is probably wondering what exactly it was that it did to have all of these tiny humans chasing after it.

Greased Pig Wrestling

This type of entertainment is common in the Midwest, especially during state and county fairs or agricultural shows. There are apparently a few different names for it as well. Along with greased pig catching, it’s also called pig wrestling, hog wrestling and of course the pig scramble.

Usually, this is an event that requires the participation of children or young adults. Occasionally there are some adults who want in on the fun.


The most common way this is done is in a fenced off area where the pig cannot escape. In some instances the pig is greased up with vegetable oil, mineral oil or some other type of lubricant such as lard. (Something seems wrong though about rubbing a pig down with lard.) This provides the audience with an extra comedy factor.

Depending on which type of competition it is, the way to win varies. Sometimes all it takes is to have one or both hands placed on the pig. Some are a little more challenging in that you must take the pig to the ground and hold it there. In another version you must get the pig to a designated spot.

The greased up pig competition is usually designated for children too small to wrestle pigs. This competition is over when a contestant holds onto the pig for a certain amount of time.

If you ever find yourself in a position where you must wrestle a greased pig, here are a few tips.

How to Wrestle a Greased Pig

How you start depends on if you are right or left handed. If you are ambidextrous, then it’s your choice.

Start running toward the side of the pig that is your dominant side. If you are right handed, run to the right. This causes the pig to instinctively veer the opposite direction, which will also slow it down a bit.

When you are right up next to it and it starts to veer, this is when you make your move. Push off with your dominant foot and leap diagonally onto the pig.

Now your goal is to straddle the pig, like you’re trying to ride it. Wrap your legs around it with your feet through their back legs and your arms around it’s neck. Squeeze tight and hold on. It should wear itself out eventually.


These types of competitions can stress out the pig and cause them injuries if a little bit of care is not shown by the humans taking part. Placing an animal in a situation far from what they are used to generally will cause it stress. As long as no harm comes to the animal, sometimes a little stress can be justified in order to provide us with some quality entertainment.


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