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These images will probably haunt me for the rest of my life. The ocean is home to the most beautiful and terrifying creatures on this planet. This shark actually looks like he has come from another planet, or maybe off the set of the Alien movies.The main reason this fish is so horrifying is the fact that it has protruding jaws that actually extend all the way to the top of its super long snout. The teeth are basically attached to ligaments that work like rubber bands that enable the shark to catch prey just out of reach. These extracted jaws hold hundred of razor sharp teeth, good for the goblin shark but not so much for its prey.

Another intriguing fact about these odd looking sharks is their skin. Most people think of sharks as the typical gray color, but these guys actually a pinkish to bubblegum color. This pink color is not due to pink pigmentation in their skin, but rather due to the fact their skin is translucent. So the pink color you are seeing is coming from the oxygenated blood in their blood vessels; these freaky things are see through!

Goblin sharks are very rare, so rare that scientists have a hard time studying them and don’t know how many are in existence today. We do know that these fish like to live at the bottom of the ocean floor, generally near continental shelves. Many sightings have been reported off the shores of Japan.


Growing up to 12 feet, this shark may certainly seem very terrifying; however their bodies are actually very flabby making this shark pretty lazy. They are not fast swimmers and are considered ambush predators; they will generally wait near the ocean floor for unassuming prey to swim by and snap it up with their super extending jaws.

I’m going to humor myself for a sec here and imagine that this beast knows he is one scary mother and that his moniker is on point. Although I might be tempted to go by “Gobbling Shark” if I were him, I would wear this badge with pride!



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