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Goat and Tiger, Friends?


In watching this video the popular song “What’s Wrong with Being Confident” came to mind. Maybe Demi Lovato was on to something. As this video quickly answers the question, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being confident, especially in this case, as this goat had so much confidence it prevented him from getting eaten for dinner.

In the Primorsky Safari Park in Russia, Amur a Siberian tiger is fed twice a week with a diet of live animals. However, this feeding became a little bit unusual when he met Timur, the goat. This goat was so confident that he quickly changed his role in the food chain. Not only did he change his role, but he ended up kicking Amur out of his comfy sleeping quarters and chasing the tiger around.

Timur’s bravery is actually what got him his name. He was named after a courageous kid from a popular communistic-era children’s book. On top of getting a pretty sweet name, and preventing himself from getting eaten by predator, he also made a friend. According to the zoo staff, there appears to be no animosity between either of the animals and most of the time Timur is following Amur around like a little puppy.


If there was an overall moral to this story, I would consider it to be “never underestimate the power of being confident in yourself.” Although this news reporter claims that the reason for this unlikely friendship is because Amur has been known to be lazy, and the reporter with NBC news claims that Timur had just never been taught to be afraid of tigers, I like to consider another alternative.

Maybe, right before Timur was released into his predator’s cage, he told himself that he’s not going take that tiger crap. The conversation that he had with himself was that “I’m smart enough, I’m brave enough, and dang gonit people like me!”

This overwhelming confidence startled the tiger so much that instead of thinking “lunch!” He thought “now this guy is pretty great, I’d rather be his friend then to be his enemy.”

Is that scenario likely? Maybe, there’s an overwhelming number of large dogs that are sometimes scared of small cats, based solely on the confidence of the cat. Why can’t it be true with tigers and goats too?


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