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Give Me the Fooooood! – Donkey


This sort of face is common for any type of petting zoo. All the animals are being little piglets, looking for attention and want any type of grub they can get their chompers on. These goats, although are making funny faces, the guys laugh in the video is what really gives it the comedy gold. Something about certain laughs just get people going. Laughing is contagious and is the best medicine anyone can have. I’ve often said that laughter makes the world go round.

Donkeys are capable of utilizing ninety-five percent of all food they eat. This is due to the fact that they are desert animals. In the desert everything is scarce so they aren’t able to afford wasting any part of a meal. Donkeys get depressed easily when left alone. This is why they prefer to stay in a herd. This could also be why they enjoy seeing humans trotting their way with yummy delicious food. In all reality who doesn’t just enjoy shoving their faces with food every now and then. Donkeys can eat three to five pounds of hay per day.

Donkeys have a tendency to to be rather stubborn. If they feel threatened they’ll dig their heels into the dirt and won’t move. Many of them are used as work animals. Their good for plowing fields, carrying materials and drawing up water. Most donkeys are native to Africa and the Middle East. However, there are wild donkeys that live in Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and Texas.


Something interesting that this video doesn’t show is that donkeys LOVE toys. They enjoy hula hoops, yes you read that right, beach balls (mainly to play donkey volleyball), drain pipe rings and cardboard boxes. If you have them as pets they definitely need their exercise. Make sure they just aren’t confined to small space and have an open area to run around in.



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