Giant Lizard . . . Dog?


That is one huge lizard! This is Buddy, he’s a rock iguana who lives at a California residence with his friend and caretaker, Dave. Dave Durham is a lizard breeder and has several other videos floating about, but I like this one. I, for one, didn’t know that people kept giant lizards as pets. So, I found this highly amusing. But what it really made me wonder was . . .

How Good of Pets do Rock Iguanas Actually Make?

There’s really no short answer. Just like with any animal it takes time, effort, compassion and an overwhelming abundance of patience to turn them into good pets.

It’s best to start trying to form a bond when the lizard is very young. At first, you will most likely be seen as the greatest threat and every time you pick up your lizard it will probably think that you’re going to kill it in some grisly way. As with all living things, trust is not formed overnight.


Usually, by the time your rock iguana is two or three years of age they’ll be more calm and willing to comply. This may seem like a long time, but if you take into account that they can live until they are sixty or seventy years old, then you’ll understand that they are still just kids at this point.

Being a large animal, rock iguanas require a lot of space. They need a space that’s at least one and a half times as long as it is, and they can grow to be six feet long. They also like to have an enclosed area, where they can go to chill and get away from it all. They also need to have heating lamps to keep them warm and a proper diet to suit their herbivore needs.

The bottom line is, rock iguanas are only as good of pets as the humans who guide them and shape their behavior. If you work at it from the beginning, you’ll end up with a companionable friend. If you tend to neglect things then just remember; a large, angry rock iguana can sever fingers or toes with their powerful bite!

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