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Gentle Giant- The Clydesdale


This poor donkey! He is clearly a little terrified of this giant “thing” coming on his turf. He is trying with all his little might to put that horse in his place. What this little donkey doesn’t know is that Clydesdale horses are one of the gentlest breed of horses.

The Clydesdale horse is probably the most recognizable breed of horse in the world. Who could forget them from the funny and adorable Budweiser Beer commercials over the years?

Clydesdale horses usually grow to be about 6 feet tall average, often weighing over 2,000 pounds! That’s equivalent to a small car. Don’t let their overwhelming size fool you though. They have one of the gentlest dispositions of horse breeds. I find them to also be very graceful looking creatures. This little donkey didn’t get the memo. They are distinguishable not only because of their size, but also coloring and the wide hooves with long hair covering their ankles.


So what is the purpose of this breed and how did they come about? The name “Clydesdale” stems from an area of Scotland they originated from. They began in the 17th century as war horses. Later on in WWI and WWII they were used in agriculture efforts during the famine in war times. Most commonly they have been used for work, such as pulling carts and moving heavy objects and also in farming communities. At one point there was only about 80 left in the world! Currently there is estimated to only be approximately 5,000-10,000 left in the world. While being close to extinction status, they are still on a watch list.


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