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Mice are a type of creature that I would prefer remained outside. Or in a cage, where you can watch them run on a spinning wheel for entertainment. Seeing one scamper across the floor in front of you right after you get up in the morning, tends to be less entertaining and more heebie jeebie. Oh, and the feeling of seeing those brown, bug-like droppings behind your microwave when you’d yet to see an actual mouse. It’s enough to make you think you need a shower and a complete disinfecting of the entire house.

There’s only one way to ensure that you are living in a mice free zone.

Mice are like little superhero rodents, they’re so sneaky that you likely won’t even know they’re there. You might hear a scratching sound inside the walls; that’s them using their little claws to climb anywhere they’d like. Mice can climb nearly any surface, so long as it’s not completely smooth. This means that they can enter your house at any level and can come from all sides. They can also squeeze through half inch cracks and can fit through holes the size of a dime. Often they get stuck, like the little guy in the video.

Since these little rodents are such ninjas in our houses, they can usually skate by unnoticed until they die naturally of old age. Which is about 6 months old. They have a surprisingly short life span, especially when us humans are involved.


Poison is a popular method of rodent removal. It’s also the worst solution to the problem. Think about it: When you give mice poison, they eat it and then go back to their cozy home inside your walls; where they will die and their rotting corpses will remain, emitting a foul odor into your cozy home. Not so pleasant.

The best way to get rid of a mouse in the house, is to prevent it from coming in in the first place. That means sealing up all of those little nooks and crannies. After you’ve done that, you can set traps for the mice already inside. If you haven’t stopped catching mice after a week, then you have missed a hole somewhere.

If you’re catching mice in your outlet hole, then you definitely have some cracks in your foundation. So unless you like having fuzzy creatures roaming your house undetected, it might be worth sealing up some holes.

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