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I don’t actually know if all of the birds in this video are parrots, but it’s possible. There are a lot of different varieties out there. This is still a really funny video. I love the one that was barking at the dog, very believable! Parrots are just such excellent mimics, and they can create some rediculously hilarious moments with their cheeky phrases and sounds.

Talking Parrots

Parrots are very smart birds. They have to be in order to imitate the sounds of other species the way they do. It’s all in the way their brains work. The brains of parrots are wired differently than their non-talking relatives. This gives them the ability of ‘vocal learning.’

The same region of the brain that allows them to learn this way, is also the very part that controls movement. It’s believed that this connection is why some birds will dance when they hear music.


The African grey parrot is said to have the largest vocabulary, ranging around 1,000 words. Although this is debatable, since a male budgeriger (or parakeet for us Americans) is the leading champ of all talking birds, with a world record of 1,728 words.

If a talking parrot is released into the wild and it runs into other wild birds, who are also capable of vocal learning, it will teach them the words that it knows. I found this very fascinating. Just imagine walking through a forest native to parrots and they all start screaming obscenity’s at you. Or barking? That would be something you’d never forget.

I originally believed that there were birds in this video that were not parrots; mainly because the little yellow one, that was biting the dog’s feet, looked like a cockatiel. I was one among the masses who didn’t know that the parrot is a species and not a breed. The cockatiel happens to be a breed of parrot. As are the cockatoo, the parakeet and many more that might surprise you.

So if you think that a parrot is that beautiful multicolored bird, then you’re only part right. They come in all sizes and colors. You’re probably envisioning one of the macaw varieties. Or maybe an amazon parrot. It’s such a great feeling, when you expand your knowledge and learn something new.

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