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Have you ever seen any animal so cute, eating and cuddling so adorably? Using their little paws to hold on to the food and nibble away on it. Melts my heart to pieces. Rabbits do a thing called “binky”. This is an expression of joy. They will run, jump in the air and twist their bodies around. Usually this is seen after a delicious and yummy meal.

Rabbits need a healthy and balanced diet just like any other living thing. Fiber is the most important nutrient they need. Usually they will get it in the form of grass or hay. If they don’t get any it’s possible that they can die.

They love being snuggled and rubbed, especially on the top of their head. Rabbits are often had as pets and can be trained quite easily. It’s best if you get the rabbits in pairs or at least have a friend that the rabbit can play with. A rabbit’s health can be prolonged with the help of a companion. Everyone needs a friends. Someone to get in trouble with and sip back a few cold ones. I guess in a rabbits case it would sip back on some water and munch on a few carrots. Digging is one of their favorite things to do.


Rabbits have an incredible sense of smell. They also can hear and see just as well. With strong hind legs their able to jump for long distances. You wouldn’t think bath time would be so enjoyable for a rabbit but I’ve known many rabbits that sit their peacefully. Truthfully speaking, who doesn’t enjoy a little bit of pampering every now and then. There probably isn’t such thing as a rabbit spa but it’s beginning to sound like a million dollar business idea.


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