Friendly Baby Sea Lions


It would be such an incredible experience to be deemed worthy of being snuggled by a baby sea lion. To have a friend that came out of the sea, just to spend some time with you. If I lived in that area and this had happened to me, I would go back as often as I could and I would always be searching for that friend.

Friendly Sea Lions

It would seem the aquatic area between Newport Beach and San Diego is just teeming with friendly sea lions. This couple who got to cuddle and chill with a baby sea lion can’t say they’re the only ones. This has actually happened multiple times.

At the San Diego Yacht club a man woke up with an unexpected bunk mate. He claims that he awoke in the middle of the night and heard snoring and sneezing. He decided not to investigate, figuring that it was just a friend who needed a place to sleep. When he woke up in the morning, he discovered a very different friend from what he was expecting, laying on the bed across from him.


In another instance, off the shore near San Diego, a sea lion pup climbs onto a kayak to hang out with the human on board. The baby laid down against the guy’s back and rested its head on his shoulder, allowing him to take pictures and videos. It stayed on the kayak with him for nearly an hour.

In all three of these cases, the humans had to gently coax the sea lion to leave. Every time, it was reluctant. In two of these, the sea lion wore a red or orange tag; suggesting that it may have been rescued and released.

Maybe all three of these incredible moments were all created by the same sea lion. If the baby sea lion was once rescued by humans, that could be why it shows such love towards these people. Even if they were all different sea lions, it’s still pretty incredible. I hope that it was the same one and that it continues to amaze people, by making new friends.


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