Fox Village


Japan is apparently full of mystical, adorable animal utopias; I’ve discovered Cat Island, Bunny Island, and now Fox Village! Here you can frolic with foxes! (Dan Akroyd and Steve Martin wouldn’t know what to do with themselves!) Fox Village is set up more like a petting zoo, visitors pay an entrance fee and enter a magical land filled with hundreds of adorable foxes that you can hold, pet and feed.

Located near the town of Shiroishi, Fox Village is a beautiful 30 minute drive into the mountains. Formally named Zoa, Fox Village opened in 1990. Here you can wander with over 100 free roaming foxes, including the Japanese red fox, silver fox and the platinum fox. When you first enter the village you start in the petting zoo. Here you will encounter miniature horses, goats, bunnies and more. All of these animals are in cages or on leashes, but there is more to come!

The real magic begins in the main part of the village where the foxes run free, no cages or leashes for these mystical creatures. The park is covered with tall trees and shrubs, which will give you the true nature experience. The Japanese consider the fox to be a sly rascal, however they also believe they have mystical powers and are messengers of Inari Okami, the Shinto deity of fertility, prosperity and RICE!


One thing that struck me about this video was the sounds these critters make which finally answers the question; “What does the fox say”? To me it sounds like a call similar to a cat and an exotic bird, and it almost has a purr quality to it Does it get any cuter than that?

These foxes are definitely living the good life. The preserve treats them well, they are provided with little houses and are constantly showered with treats and attention. With no predators to speak of they have a peaceful happy existence.



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