Flying Whale


I don’t think there is anything more impressive than a giant humpback whale, erupting out of the water and creating enormous waves when it lands back down. Where in your life have you seen something more majestic than that? I mean honestly…how much does a whale weigh? You have to calculate the speed of the whale coming out of the water and then the amount that it’s going to jet out. It’s mind blowing that something that big can make such an impact outside of it’s comfort zone. I mean it literally blows my mind. It’s hard for me to comprehend and yet I sit here writing this article about such an amazing creature with video proof that it happened. Stories have come through of other small boats going out into the ocean and seeing whales jump in to the air and splash down into the water. They create waves that almost capsize the little boats.

Whales come in all shapes and sizes. They blow water up in to the air and wait, for their snot nosed sneezes, to come crashing back down and cover everything in it’s path. I mean who doesn’t want some snot crashing down on them? There isn’t any other time in your life that you’ll be able to witness something so amazing. I take that back, child birth, is probably the most amazing. Whale jumps are a in a close heat to tie though. If you’re out cruising the pacific ocean, on vacation and come across a whale flying up into the air, and making enormous waves for all the surfer men to ride, embrace it. Maybe that’s how the giant, record break waves occur, from enormous packs of whales all crashing down into the ocean at once. That’s probably not the case but it is fun to think about. Whales are beautiful creatures and hopefully one day we can treat them all as such.


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