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After the holidays I can certainly relate to these over sized roly poly felines! I have to say the extra “fluff” looks a heck of a lot cuter on these adorable cats, then it does around my midline. There has always been something so stinking cute about the plus size kitty; it just makes them look so soft and cuddly. The best cat I have ever had the pleasure of sharing my life with, ballooned up to 21 lbs during the prime of his. I am sorry to say this resulted in him getting diabetes, which ultimately took his life.

As cute as our plus size animals are, sadly it’s not healthy, and can lead to health problems. I’ll be the first to admit due to their seemingly lazy nature and desire for the food dish to be available at all times, cats can be a real challenge to keep in shape. It’s doubtful that your cat has made a new years resolution to limit the kibble and start a new exercise program, but here are some tips to help you keep that fur ball healthy!

Feed your cat the good stuff. Cats are natural carnivores and their bodies crave protein, however most dry cat foods and cats treats are loaded with carbs. Try feeding your kitty fish, lean beef, or boneless chicken. Here is the real kicker, as tempting as it is try avoiding the “free feeding” method. Talk to your vet and determine how much you should be feeding your cat, and stick to it. I may still have my sweet baby with me today if I had been more diligent about this one.


Cats tend to seem pretty lazy. Even now as I type, my cat is lounging belly up sunning himself, and he has been doing that for a good four hours now! Cats are actually pretty active creatures, they tend to slow down due to boredom so get to know your cat and get creative to help keep him moving.

I highly recommend a laser pointer; I have yet to meet one cat that can resist chasing that pesky red dot around. There are also tons of great toys at the store to help keep kitty moving, or you can save money and make your own. ribbons on the end of a ruler or stick make a great target for him to bat at.

Is your cat only motivated by food? Try rolling their dry kibble across the floor piece by piece to have them chase and “hunt” their dinner. You can also put treats into a container that your cat can bat around.

Taking the time to play with your cat, and monitoring their food intake can make a huge impact in your feline’s life. It will not only add years to their life, but it will add life to their years!


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