Elephants Never Forget


Aww, it warms my heart any time I see animals of different species becoming friends. It’s against their basic instincts, yet they have the compassion to look past their differences and become friends. If only humans could learn to do the same, there would be more widespread peace and love in the world.

It’s true what they say, elephants never forget. Or at least, they’re not likely to. They have absolutely incredible memories that span for decades. This is how the matriarch will remember that spot where that fantastic watering hole was. The one that the herd was especially fond of. Or that old friend that wandered off long ago. Elephants can even remember their own appearance and are able to recognize themselves in a mirror.

Elephants will often separate from their friends for extended periods of time, for varying reasons. When they reconnect though, they will recognize their old friend and rejoice without hesitation. They’ve been known to celebrate upon reunions such as these with a greeting ceremony.


They’re also very loyal animals, once they make a friend they will nurture and maintain that friendship. They show their affection physically by caressing one another with their trunks. They’re very loving and show magnificently heartfelt gestures towards their friends and family.

When an elephant comes across the remains of another elephant, they will stop to show their respect. It makes no difference whether they were part of the same herd or if they even knew each other at all. They will stop and pay homage by warmly touching the skulls and tusks of the dead with their feet and trunks and by pausing for a moment of silence that may last a few minutes.

When it comes to friendships elephants have different types of social personalities. Some are social butterflies and will befriend anyone, while others prefer small groups of friends.

Friendships are important, they show us the value of ourselves through the loving give and take of a healthy relationship. They are also a reflection of our self-worth. What we put into a friendship we get back in return and it makes our endorphins fly and our faces break out into great big cheesy smiles.

So, wrap your trunks around your friends and show them that you care.

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