Ducklings In The Wind


Aww. This video is funny…but maybe a little sad too. Poor little babies ducklings can’t hold up against that wind! Mama duck is sure trying hard to keep them all together. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is getting the best of them all.

Ducks are in the bird family, related closely to swan and geese. Ducks are often referred to as “waterfowl” because they almost always live in and near both fresh and seawater. They are found on every continent except Antarctica. These beautiful birds are often domesticated for farm living and sometimes even household living. Their diet consists of small fish, mollusks, insects, and they also graze on land.

Ducks are characterized by their small stature, and shorter necks and wings than their swan and geese relatives. Male Mallard ducks have a bright green head and a pale grey body with a yellow beak. Mother ducks or “hens” have a unique feature of dull and brown coloring on their feathers. This camouflage is used to hide easily from predators.


Just like you see in this video, the hen is responsible for the ducklings’ well being. Ducklings cannot fly until about two months of age, and this is the time they are most vulnerable. Fiercely protective, they will herd the group of ducklings close together in case there is a need to run for safety. The hen duck makes a soft quack to alert the ducklings to stay together. The young ducklings will respond with a shrill sound. She will also use her previously mentioned camouflage characteristic to cover and protect their young in the nest. Hawks, snakes, turtles, and raccoons are often the biggest threat to ducks. Next time you see a herd of ducklings with their mama, listen closely to the sounds they make and the actions of the hen. You will find a fascinating sight.



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