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Duck See Duck Do

Written by Keenan Angel

It’s not every day that you get to have a duck follow you around. We could even go as far to say it’s a rare occurrence. Ducks in general aren’t all that cute, in my own opinion. Therefore, to have a cute little yellow duck walk behind you is too cute. Maybe the duck lost his mommy and doesn’t know what to do. He saw the knight in shining white, well those are his legs, so shimmering shorts I guess.

This little guy said, “Hey, someone that might be able to help me!” The duck is clearly thinking if he follows this person around enough than hopefully they will take him in under their “wing” and nurture him just like his mom would. It’s a far cry for help but I’m sure sillier things have happened in this crazy world of ours. Who says that a duck and a human can’t be friends. If dog is man’s best friend, it’s possible a duck can come sliding in for a strong second place.

This little guy is soft, beautiful in color and is already trained apparently to follow you around. He isn’t trying to fly away or attacking you at first sight. Some of those ducks are mean little creatures, like geese. They have a temper on them something fierce. They’ll chase you down and making that horrid quacking noise the entire time. The moral of this story is don’t judge a duck by it’s fur. Even if it isn’t as cute as this one it could still be friendly. When a duck is walking behind you and trying to be your friend, hear the little guy out. Could turn into a life long friendship full of laughter, tears and some good ole times.


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