Dogs Reunited with Soldiers


Watching these touching reunions literally brings tears to my eyes; it’s one of the purest displays of true love and commitment. In some cases, it is has been years since these dogs have been with their people, but as you can see from the wagging tails and cries of excitement these canines have definitely not forgotten their family.

First off, I’d like to start by expressing my sincere gratitude to the brave men and women that put their lives on the line in service to this country. Your service and great sacrifice do not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Some scientists claim that dogs are loyal only to humans because they rely on us for food and shelter. This video captures the essence of a dog’s loyalty and that is one of love, not a food dish. These dogs were being fed and cared for, however even after years had passed they could not contain their excitement to see their long lost human family member.


The dog is a pack animal, basically an extrovert through and through. They need to be in a group at all times, whether the group is dogs, humans, or even other animals. Dogs are not loners, and when even one member of the pack goes missing, it can affect the animal profoundly. There is no doubt that dogs are quite possibly the most affectionate and loving beings on the planet. Most all dog owners will testify that their canine can sense when they are feeling down or sad. I know my dog will place her head on my lap when I’m having a bad day; she can definitely sense my need for comfort. This intuition is what makes them remarkable service dogs, therapy dogs and the ultimate friend.

Dogs demonstrate the true example of unconditional love, and that is what earned them the title of “man’s best friend”. Caesar Milan has speculated, does man deserve this kind of complete devotion? I know that there are some that do not. I can however say with complete certainty that the brave men and women who fight for this country most definitely do!

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