Dogs Can Talk


I’ve watched this one dozens of times and I could watch it hundreds more. I absolutely love it. This dog has so much character. I realize that he’s not actually talking, but I feel that the owner knows this dog so well that he nailed it completely. It couldn’t be more perfect. I only wish it were longer.

Dogs are very intuitive creatures, they can sense the emotions of their humans naturally. It’s just who they are as incredibly compassionate animals.

The bond between a dog and their human goes both ways though. Humans are also able to see the difference in their dogs emotions too, if they’re open enough to look. It’s easy to tell if something is bothering our four-legged friends by their body language and attitude. If you are really close you can even see it in their eyes.


This is said to be due to our long-standing relationship with them, spanning to ancient history. We have evolved together as friends. In doing so, we are able to understand each other better.

Dogs, on average, are capable of understanding around 165 different words. They can go beyond this, with training.

Words that are associated with objects or actions are the easiest for them to learn, such as “treat” or “walk” and many other various forms of these. The more repetition you use with them, the easier it is for them to learn.

Dogs are very much like humans in that they love their daily routines and they have a special way of letting us know when we forget something. Like that whine at the treat cupboard when it’s time for a nice flavorful rawhide bone or the clank of paws on the food dish when they’re hungry.

Even though they don’t use words, dogs do have their own way of talking to us. Sometimes actions really do speak louder than words.


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