A Dog Selling Hotdogs?


This is such a cheesy and ridiculous video, which is probably what makes me love it. Just the idea of a dog selling hot dogs makes me giggle. Now if only they had a fan gently blowing on the dog, then it would be a hot dog selling hotdogs!

People generally adore pranks that involve animals. Well, provided that they like animals to begin with. I really can’t see a person who is against having pets, ordering food from a dog. Not to mention the people who have allergies. That could be potentially dangerous. But most people are, at the very least, amused by this tactic.

I kept waiting for something super random to happen, though. Like maybe the last time that someone ordered a hot dog with a drink and fries, they could have had some fun with it. After watching other people getting exactly what they ordered from this incredibly friendly dog, it would have been funnier if they got the last order wrong.


Say that the person ordered a hot dog with a drink and fries, I wonder what look they would be sporting if that tray popped out with a Chihuahua wrapped in a blanket wearing sunglasses along with a bowl of water and some rawhide sticks. Then the dog could have a heated exchange with the “dog” in the back, barking back and forth until a satisfied “woof” comes from the front dog. Suddenly the tray with the Chihuahua is pulled back and the proper food is delivered.

That would make for some excellent entertainment. Not that it wasn’t quite pleasing to watch as it is. I really love the idea; I just want to see them do more with it. Oh, and why is everyone ordering the same thing? That seems a little fishy


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