Dog Plays Pie Face


This silly Pie Face game seems to be sweeping the nation. I see the hilarity in it, but I don’t fully understand what would make people want to go through the anticipation of possibly being smeared in the face with whipped cream.

I’ll explain it a little, for those of you not familiar with this game. Pie Face is a legitimate game that was originally launched in the UK by Rocket Games, in 2014. You may have seen the video of the child and his grandpa playing this game together. This video is actually what really set off the career of the game, so to speak. Hasbro took notice of it’s rising popularity and distributed it globally, after gaining the license from Rocket Games in May of last year.

The game is basically a child friendly version of Russian Roulette. You spin to get a number and crank the handle that many times, while your head is in a neat little frame awaiting impending doom. If you’re lucky, nothing happens. If you’re not, then you get smacked in the face with whipped cream.


Of course, dogs can’t actually spin for a number or turn the handle, unless they are incredibly well trained. They are really great at waiting patiently though. Especially, if they are guaranteed a delicious treat.

It would seem that the dog’s opinion varies, when it comes to this game. Some dogs stick their heads in and go right for the whipped cream, before there’s even a chance to spring it. Other’s will wait patiently for it to happen and then come back for more. A few won’t have anything to do with it at all. Then there’s reactions like that of the dog in the video. This dog was definitely not impressed!

Everyone is entitled their own opinion on any matter. Dogs are no different. They might not be as verbal about it, but it’s no less important. If you try this with your dog and they don’t enjoy it, then don’t push it. We don’t like to be forced into doing something we are against, this should be respected in our animals as well.


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