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Dog, Cat and Kittens Playing or Fighting?


Now if this isn’t the gentlest dog you’ve ever seen, looks like he plays well with little cats as well as the mama cat. But what’s hard in this video is to tell whether or not when mama cat comes around she still playing and not getting aggressive because she feels like her kittens are in danger.

How to Tell If Your Cat or Dog is Fighting or Playing

When cats and dogs play it can sometimes be hard to decipher whether or not they’re actually playing, or whether the situations got a lot more aggressive. Here some warning signs to look for when you’re animals are roughhousing:


When dogs are playing they tend to do the classic yoga position downward dog, they bow slightly and lower their front half while their tails wiggle in the air. Sometimes you might even get a glimpse of a smile when they do this.


If at any time a dog shows a stomach, this means it’s more than likely goofing off. A dog will never show his belly during an aggressive fight.

Many times the proof could be written all over his face. If at any point during the fight, your dog looks like he has kind of a goofy smile on, most likely he’s playing. On the other hand, if they have any type of a growl, or if they pulled her lip behind their teeth, or if they’re aggressively staring at the other one the situations probably starting to get a little less playful.

Lastly, if dogs are playing a lot of times they’ll get a lot more poignant, they will bounce around as if they were playing hopscotch. When they’re aggressively fighting they will be a lot more swift and precise.


Cats on the other hand, can be a little bit more evident when they’re not playing. We all know the sounds of a cat when you’re not happy, they will hasten growl and sometimes scream. This means they’re not having fun anymore.

Sometimes it can just be a natural reaction, so you also have to pay attention to how often they are hissing. If every time that there playing they hiss then this could also be a sign that they are not happy.

If it’s two cats are playing, you want to pay attention to which one is doing most of the hissing. When cats play they can take turns being the aggressor. But if you start to notice that one is doing more the hissing than the other they could be the fact that he it’s getting bullied by the other one.

You also want to pay close attention to their body language. When cats are playing their claws shouldn’t be out and their ears should be pushed back. You also want to pay attention to the hair on their back, if this stands up or (just like the dog) if they keep staring at the other and are not able to change their gaze. Than this is another sign that the things of changed from playtime to fight club.

With those factors in mind, you can easily tell that this curious puppy is definitely not being aggressive when it comes to the kittens. He rolls on his back exposing his tummy and keeps his actions extremely gentle trying not to hurt the small kittens. Yet, when mama comes around, things turn a little bit more aggressive mainly because she doesn’t look like she’s amused at all.


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