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Do Dogs Listen to Music?


Karaoke Puppy? At the time of this writing this video had gotten over 12 million hits and was still growing! This dog is a rockstar in the making and he is out of control cute!

Have you ever wondered, while you tap your feet and sing along out of key not quite remembering the lyrics to your favorite song, if your dog actually likes the same music as you? Does your dog actually like music at all or does he just put up with it as part of the unconditional love that is wired into his vastly superior brain?

Dogs as we all know have far better hearing than humans and this surely affects the way a dog hears the music. Meaning, your favorite artist may sound very different to a dog. Dogs don’t seem to mind what their master listens to but it is fair to say that they clearly have tracks or artists that they prefer; you will see it in your dog when you play your music.


Dogs Howl

We have all seen a dog howl, as if singing along, to certain musical tracks or instruments. These tracks or sounds clearly mean something to the dog as the howling is generally happy. Some music may send the wrong or even mixed messages to your dog, making them angry, aggressive or the very reverse; this is very much what music can do for humans. When a dog howls he even looks around to see who is watching. Don’t believe me?Just take a look next time your dog sings, because dogs love to be seen singing!

Clearly, there is a link between music and dogs; music must play tge part that the sound of howling, a pups cry, or even a bark has done for a dog since before domestication. Wolves in the wild will howl to tell each other where they are, its their way of communicating to lost members of the pack. Domesticated dogs will do the same thing, but sometimes they have other messages they would like to get across, like warding other dogs off because they are too close. They will often howl when they are trying to get in touch with you, also. For example, they might howl when you leave the house because they are lonely and experiencing some separation anxiety.

Each sound has a meaning and somewhere in the cacophony sounds is the basic foundation of dog language; the language is clearly yet unintentionally mimicked in some forms of music, behavior shows it to be so. Every dog, it seems, will hear something different.

Like this little guy, all dogs have their own jam they like to listen too, even if that jam might not make it to the top 10 on your playlist.


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