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Difference Between Cats and Dogs


These videos are always hilarious! The fact that they are so realistic and accurate in how they depict the differences between cats and dogs is awesome! My favorite part of this one has to be the cat getting in the box after he gives him a present. My cats love doing both of those things.

Where there is hundreds if not thousands of differences between cats and dogs, here some interesting differences that you might not know.

  • The way that dogs and cats drink is different, felines are more resourceful when it comes to drinking liquids. By using the balance of gravity and inertia they will make sure to get the very last drop. Their tongues will pull the liquid upwards, and they will close their mouths right before the liquid starts moving back downward. On the other hand the way that a dog drinks is a lot sloppier. They will use their tongue as more of a scoop and hopefully most of the water gets in their mouth.
  • A cat’s mouth has 30 teeth, and their canine friend’s mouth has 42.
  • When it comes to food, a dog will eat just about anything. They are scavenging carnivores, which means they prefer to eat meat but they can survive off of plants, too. Cats are 100% carnivores, they will only be able to survive off of meat (in some form) alone.
  • When it comes to running, dogs are sprinters. They will run down their prey as soon as they see it. A cat on the other hand is a long-distance runner, they will stock their prey until finally caught.
  • The way that their bodies digest food is different, also. When a cat runs out of food their bodies will break down the non-fatty tissue for energy, as they don’t burn their fat reserves effectively. A dog’s body on the other hand is more effective at burning its fat reserves and a dog can survive without food for a much longer period of time.
  • This one was really surprising, because my cats rarely indicate this as they forget that they were just outside as soon as they come in and want to go out again. But a cat’s memory lasts up to 16 hours where a dog’s memory is only about five minutes long.

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