Didga the Skateboarding Cat


This cat makes me want to learn how to skateboard and move to Australia. Not only is Didga extremely talented, but she has amazing friends who support her. Not to mention the beauty of her surroundings as she travels around on her skateboard, picking up admirers along the way.

I think everyone, who is a cat lover, has probably at some point in their life dreamed of having a cat that they could do fun things with. Robert Dollwet must have had that same dream. His cat Didga does things that I have seen no other cat even think about doing. Like her skateboarding adventures, for example. That’s not all she can do though. She also likes to swim and surf. If that’s not strange enough for a cat, here’s one more; she uses a toilet, and flushes!

Didga’s human, Robert, was once a Hollywood dog trainer. That explains a lot. Although, training a dog is a much different experience than training a cat. Cat’s have some serious attitude! Didga is proof, though, that it can be done.


When Robert picked up his life and moved it to Australia, he found it to be a little lonely. He decided to check out the Animal Shelter to see if he could find a cat that would suit him. Little did he know, it wouldn’t be him that did the choosing. Sometimes it’s just destined that a certain animal should be with a certain human. That was definitely the case here. Didga made it known that she was the one and she stole Robert’s heart in an instant. She was destined for greatness and she picked the one person who could make her dream come true.

Didga is also the one who let Robert know that she was interested in skateboards. One day they were hanging out and a guy rolled up on his skateboard. He jumped off and left it sitting to do something else. Didga saw her opportunity and seized it. She leapt onto the skateboard and was right at home. This was the beginning of a grand adventure.
Didga and Robert still live in Australia and are still having new and amazing adventures together. Robert has a pet training business, so Didga gets to make friends with lots of different animals, mostly dogs. They are a pair to remember.

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