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It’s time to show bats a little love! These dancing bats are so adorable; I think they could soften even the most extreme bat hater’s heart. I really have never fully understood why bats seem to get such a bad rap. When I was a little girl I remember watching my Sunday school teacher kill a sweet little fruit bat, who was just simply sleeping! I think the media and plain ol’ misinformation are the reasons these furry winged creatures are the target for all that negativity. So let’s set the record straight!

First of all bats are intelligent, shy and very gentle. Bats are a lot like cats in the way that they groom their fur to keep it silky smooth. If you take a close look at a bat you will see they are actually very cute. Sometimes they resemble rabbits, deer, or even little Chihuahuas.

Bats do not intentionally try to get caught in your hair or suck your blood! Bats usually enjoy dining on mosquitoes and can gulp over 600 of those pests in one hour. In fact bats devour billions of insects which protects our crops and helps keeps costs down at the market. A Vampire bat diet does consist of blood; however they only drink the blood from other animals and never target humans. If this bothers you take comfort by the fact that out of the world’s 1100+ species of bats, only 3 of them are vampire bats, and they are limited to Latin America.


Bats are not even remotely related to rodents, so get that idea of a flying mouse, right out of your head! They are actually so unique, they have been placed in their own group called ‘Chiroptera’, which means hand-wing. Just like every other mammal out there, bats are capable of contracting rabies; however they are not carriers of the disease. Coming across a bat with rabies is very unlikely as less than one-half percent will ever get rabies.

So I hope these facts will take the fear out of your next encounter with bat, and maybe even make it a pleasant one!


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