Bang, Dachshund Down!


Dachshunds are so cute and loveable. This one reminds me of Buster, from the Toy Story movies. Woody, the talking cowboy doll, points his fingers at Buster like he’s shooting him and Buster falls to the ground. This is sort of like a live version of that, minus the talking toy.

A Bit About Dachshunds

The word Dachshund means “badger hound” in German. In the 1600’s they were used for hunting badgers and other burrowing animals. Their short legs and long bodies made them the perfect hunting companion when searching for this prey. Those long floppy ears even play a part. By covering those delicate openings, they prevent any twigs, leaves or dirt from causing them harm while they travel through animal made tunnels. Those tails that curl up in the air are quite useful in helping the hunters spot them when they are tracking an animal.

One thing that many people don’t know about Dachshunds is that they come in three different sizes. The miniature Dachshund is the one that most people are familiar with, it weighs around 10 pounds. The full sized Dachshunds are the hunting dogs. They can weigh up to 35 pounds. Then there’s a mid-size, most often found in Germany.


Another lesser known feature about this breed lies in their hair. Going along with the theme of three, there are three different types of hair that Dachshunds might have. The smooth coat is what you see depicted by most Dachshund photos. It’s the short, shiny hair. There’s a silky long coat, which is long and soft. It can either be wavy or straight. The third is the wiry coat. It’s thick and coarse, but fine underneath.

Dachshunds are very smart dogs and are capable of learning a multitude of tricks, if you work with them. They also have a longer than average life span, living into their late teens and possibly beyond. But only a couple years beyond. Not, as Buzz would say to infinity. Or beyond for that matter.

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