Cute Pups Loving Cute Babies


I saw this video and it kind of hit home. Not because of how cute it is and it hit some feelers but because I have a small one on the way. Most of my stories or articles have tried to be funny yet informative. For once I’d like to take a chance just to express some feelings and maybe some people who are watching and reading this can relate. It’s crazy what a newborn can do to your life. Everything changes in an instance. If it’s your first child you’re, for the most part, completely clueless what do. I mean there is a BABY. A crying, screaming and sometimes happy child that can’t speak or express what it needs. It needs you to decipher it’s whines and cries, in hopes, that you (it) will figure out what it needs. Often times it’s not that simple. So hey, why don’t we throw a dog into the mix.

A dog that you aren’t sure how it will react to the baby. Sometimes dogs get jealous. They use to be the center of attention and now there is a new “object” taking their spotlight. In my experience, and from the this video, dogs for the most part take children under their wings. They care for them and love them more than they probably love us. It’s something in their DNA. It’s a feeling that they have towards little babies and children. Magical, is the best word to describe it. Watching your dog cuddle up next to your newborn, love it just like it loves you, and watch that puppy care for it. I think that maybe your dog knows that baby is a part of you. That baby has your smells. Your dog knows that it needs to care for that precious little baby just like it does for you.


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