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Cute Armadillo Playing


I’ll be totally honest, I have never really liked armadillos. I don’t think they are very cute, in fact I find their boney looking little bodies rather, well I’ll just say unappealing. However watching this video, got me titling my head and giving the endearing “awwww” sound. I mean little thing just looks so dang adorable playing and skipping all around, it really started to melt my heart. And if the cuteness of all that playing didn’t do the trick, he uses the litter box, wow!

If your thinking is anything like mine you may be wondering if having one of these odd balls would be a super cool. I did a little research and there are definitely some things to consider before making your armadillo adoption.

Armadillos are most definitely wild animals, so some states and local governments prohibit their ownership. You will need to do some investigating to determine if you are able to house one in your area. Also many veterinarians are not trained to, or will refuse to treat these boney dudes, they are actually the only other species besides humans that carry leprosy…yikes!


So if that didn’t deter you, the next thing you’ll need to think of is your space requirements. You will need a TON of outdoor space. These nocturnal critters enjoy digging, climbing, and roaming. They generally like to roam in areas over 21 acres. An extremely large outdoor area is ideal. This will need to have a fence that goes 12 inches into the ground, and the top of the enclosure must be secured.

You’ll need to be extra careful what you feed your new friend. Armadillo’s diets are not fully understood, so fair enough to say you are not going to find armadillo food at your local pet store. You will need to provide her with a diverse diet of insects, berries, fruits, and many dark green leafy vegetables. (Jeez, even I don’t eat that well!).

Finally, there is the task of actually acquiring one of these buggers. Many armadillos bred in captivity are simply unhealthy, plus be prepared to spend anywhere from $1800-$3500 to bring one home. Ouch!

Although this video was most certainly adorable, I can’t help but think these wild animals should be left to enjoy their lives in the wild. Personally, I would rather enjoy their cuteness from afar.


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