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Crazy Mean Goose


They look so innocent, so graceful, and elegant floating peacefully across the water, but in this case looks are most definitely deceiving. I have seen a lot of videos and had plenty of first hand experience that geese can be just plain ol’ mean. I have to say sometimes they just act like jerks.

You may think I am being a little harsh with my jerk statement, but this guy and his dog are just minding their own business trying to do some fishing, and this goose will just not let them be. The poor dog is crying and cowering in fear, while the dude is making may attempts to rid them of their attacker by throwing it of the boat. “That sucker’s crazy!” And I have to agree, they just can’t get that thing to leave them alone!

My sister has confessed that she has been somewhat traumatized from our family trips to the local lake to feed the ducks. The geese were constantly chasing her down and nipping at her to try and steel the food. Having an animal come at you in an aggressive way is pretty unnerving, especially for a kiddo. I doubt they are going to help her with her therapy bills.


Goose attacks are no joke, they caused serious injuries like broken bones, head injuries, and emotional distress (just ask my sister).

If you ever find yourself face to face with a ticked off goose there are a few things you can do to avoid being attacked, injured and demoralized. Geese are very visual and pay close attention to the eyes and body language. So, maintain eye contact and position your body directly toward the bully fowl. It’s important not to turn away or squint your eyes. The goose may be triggered if you act too aggressive or too passive, so balance is the key here. Don’t kick, yell, or act hostile to the bird, yet don’t act timid and try to cower away. Hopefully at that point the bird will lose interest and wander off.

As harsh as the birds may seem they are just doing what comes naturally. Geese have extremely strong instincts to protect their young and become especially aggressive in the spring which is breeding season. So to be safe, I would admire these bullying birds from a good distance.


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