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Crazy Geese


Man, this goose really seems to have some sort of vendetta against that poor dog. I’m not exactly sure what poochie did to cause this type of aggressive reaction, but I have a pretty good idea.

Crazy Geese

Geese are creatures of their instincts and their strongest instincts are to protect their territories. Especially when a nest full of eggs is involved.

The Spring season is the best time to be leary of geese. This is when they find their mates and lay eggs. It’s also when they can be the most aggressive.


When the nest is full of eggs, the male goose (or gander) will protect their territory while mamma goose sits on the eggs to keep them warm. The gander can become quite aggressive if he feels there is a threat to his family. Sometimes he won’t back off until the threat is removed from the area. Sound familiar?

That dog looks like it’s been in the water. My guess is, doggie probably found this nest full of eggs guarded by mamma and this guy did not like it one bit. He definitely made his feelings clear. He was mad and he wanted them gone!

If you ever find yourself in a situation such as this, try to avoid doing what this guy did. It only fueled the already growing anger of the goose. Geese are very aware of body language and pay close attention to it.

If you face an angry goose squarely and surely and maintain eye contact without backing down, your encounter will go more smoothly. If it comes at you hissing, slowly back away without turning your back to it. Being overly assertive by yelling or kicking at the goose, will only provoke it further. Being under assertive by cowering, covering your head or running away can also make them want to get you.

This guy didn’t really have a lot of options to choose from, being in a boat. If an angry goose was biting my dog, I would have thrown it out of the boat too! The only thing he could have done differently would have been to remain calm and keep an even tone of voice. That, and getting out of there after the first time he threw it off the boat.


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