Crazy Cat Rides the Hood of a Moving Vehicle


This crazy cat is absolutely fearless! It really shows what great balance cats have and how incredibly flexible they are.

Many people have been under the impression that cats get their balance from their whiskers. This is untrue. Cats have whiskers more as an extra sensory receptor. They use them to judge if they can fit through an area; not as a balancing pole.

Cats actually get their excellent balancing skills much the same way we do, through their inner ears. The cat’s body frame is designed much differently though. Having a flexible back, a practically nonexistent collarbone and shoulder blades which allow them to place each foot directly in front of the other, leaves them looking as though they could walk a tightrope with ease. Their tail does what many thought their whiskers should do; it acts as a balancing pole in the tightrope situations.


This flexible frame, combined with that inner ear balance, is also what’s responsible for cats always landing on their feet. They are able to twist around and right themselves, usually landing with their front feet first.

Cats falling from any distance can cause them injuries. But it would seem that in some cases, falling from greater distances can cause less harm. They have more time to right themselves and can spread their arms and legs out, using their skin and fur like a little parachute. One instance where this happened was in 2009. A cat fell 26 stories and walked away with a broken toe and a broken lower jaw.

This fearless cat, in the video, is most likely incredibly strong willed and independent. Just that it likes car rides alone, says a lot. I wouldn’t recommend trying this at home with your own feline friend. You probably won’t get the same results and someone could get injured.


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