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Coffee Goats


Coffee, coffee coffee, java, java! Everyone has energy. Some people have more energy then others. That’s just a fact of life. Luckily with this day in age we have superb coffee’s and energy drinks that fill the shelves. I always hear people say, “those energy drinks will kill you one day”. Well as true as that may be so will life. For the time being I’ll sip on my delicious dark roasted coffee and suck down those energy drinks to keep me going. Yet with so many drinks loaded with caffeine and sugar people always seem to be tired. What’s the deal? I think most importantly, what in the world is going on with these bat-crap crazy goats?

They’re little fur balls of pure energy. It looks like they did and energy drink, with some coffee and followed it by a line of cocaine. I wish I had that much energy in one day. Think of all the work that could get done. These little guys are hopping all over the place. Bouncing off of each other and dive bombing the pigs. Sure maybe the goats just wanted some bacon, which I don’t blame them, but how do those pigs not get mad. If someone was jumping on me, not only would I be mad, I’d also give them a good shove. These happy goats are just so full of life and I absolutely love it. I think we can all take a little something away from them. That is to go out into the world every single day and just have fun. Don’t worry about what other people say or do. Jump around and laugh until you pee. I think those are some, good and simple, happy-loving goat rules to live by.


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