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I love how after watching this you can pick which members of your family remind you the best of each character, the young kid not paying attention to anything but his phone, the couple annoyed at the mistletoe, the whiskey loving bulldog. All of them have their own humorous flare. The truth is, pets are just as much of our family as your weird uncle Larry.

As cute as they are, you might want to rethink giving a puppy or a kitten as a gift though. Generally, this is not a highly recommended idea unless planned and discussed. The whole idea of a cute Labrador in a box is close to impossible to actually pull off, but nonetheless a puppy or a kitten as a gift can be given but you need to be careful when doing so.

Don’t just give because the puppy or kitten is cute and adorable but give because you want to bring a new family member into the home. Remember a young puppy needs rest and sleep to grow and bringing one into a noisy, boisterous home over Christmas full of kids that want to play and adults that want the “aawwww so cute” moments is potentially not good for the dog or cat.


The first 7-12 weeks of puppies and kittens life is the fear/avoidance development period. This is when they are weaning from their mothers and adapting to the new family. Its very important not to over-stress or frighten the new family member during this crucial stage in their development. Fears that are learned during this stage can be very hard to overcome later in their lives and can leave a permanent impact on their personality. A puppy/kitten needs to be introduced to a new household at a quiet and relaxed time with minimum amount of people and distractions.

Over Christmas and the holiday season a dog or cat will always play its part, and for this we should be grateful. How different would your festive season be without your pets? The party tricks you have taught the animal are acted out multiple times and the dog or cat gets happier and happier to receive its treat and praise for being a “good boy/girl”.

Yes, your pets are part of Christmas. For some their pet is the only company they have on Christmas day. The loneliness of some is only broken by a wet nose, bad breath and fluffy coat; the fireside conversations and reminiscing of happier Christmases are just something your pet seemingly and deeply understands. Without even knowing what they are doing your pet is making Christmas happier.

At this time of year wish your pets a Merry Christmas, make some time to have a short conversation and share some love. Your dog or cat deserves it, after all, your pets truly know its Christmas – trust me, just ask them.

Happy Christmas readers.


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