Cats vs Water


Setting a cat in water is closely compared to being burned alive, or so the cat would make you believe. It will hold a grudge against you for as long as it feels like. Cats aren’t actually that afraid of water. Cats are exceptionally good swimmers. They just prefer to not go anywhere near water. It’s hard for them to get their fur coats dry again and water might remove needed oils that they produce or irritate their skin. In other words its just better to stay clear of anything water related.

Watching the cats get into the water, at first it isn’t so bad, until after it clicks an instant fear goes ripping through them. Slashing, biting and squirming trying to retract the grave mistake they just made. My favorite video out of the bunch is the cat walking by the dog. Keeping one eye on the dog and the other on the water. The dog then scares the cat, not sure if intentional, but the cat tries to avoid it by leaping straight into the pool. Just too funny. That one had me rolling for a while.

Cats will claw and scrape their way up your pant legs or arms and tear apart your chest and back if it’ll free them from the torment of H2O. They do need baths every now and then to keep them from smelling like three day old garbage. In this case just make sure you bring thick clothing and preferably a hockey mask to protect your face. I wonder what a cat looks like after it’s been washed? Of course it looks like a wet mop..but what sort of craziness ensues afterwards? I think we have another article on the way!


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