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Cats VS Fish Tanks


I’m not sure if it was the cats, the fish or the Super Mario World music but this video left me feeling a bit nostalgic. It led me down the path of past memories shared by fur faces who have touched my heart in wonderful ways.

I’ve had multiple fish mysteriously vanish only to find a satisfied cat with a guilty look. I’ve also found the dried up remnants of the poor newts that were mercilessly drug from their environment only to provide a few moments worth of entertainment for a naughty kitty.

This was all the result of one cat that I just could not keep off of the aquarium. She liked the warmth that the light provided, so it was her preferred place to sleep. It even included the occasional snack and all the water she could drink. If she wasn’t forced to get down to use the litter box, she might have just lived up there.


If you’re having the same issues with your cat you can rest assured, there are a few things that you can try. Having a hood on your fish tank is a must if you also have cats running around. No one wants to fish their wet cat out of an aquarium full of water and aquatic life.

These hoods still have gaps in them near the back to allow for necessary tubes and cords. Covering them with plastic or aluminum foil could prevent unwanted paws in the water. Of course, a determined cat will easily just tear it off.

Double-sided tape placed on the top of the hood might make your feline friends uncomfortable in their favorite spot. Usually cats don’t like the feeling of having something stuck to their feet. Not all cats are bothered by it, though. These impervious felines will likely just ignore the tape or work at removing it themselves.

Hopefully one of these tricks will work for you during the daytime. If your problem child likes to strike at night, then covering your aquarium with a sheet overnight could help. If they can’t see the fish swimming or the water within their reach, maybe they’ll leave it alone. Of course this might only turn their favorite perch into something fun to climb, which has the potential to be more disastrous than a few paws in the water. Good luck with your dual-species adventure!

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