Cats Vs. Cucumber


I saw this video couple of months ago, and of course my first reaction was to laugh my ass off. The second reaction, was to consider why the cats were reacting this way. Initially, I thought it was because the cucumber kind of resembles a snake, and considering that I to would flip out too if I saw a snake sitting next to me when I was eating, I didn’t blame the cats all. But then remembered seeing my cats playing with gardener snakes out on the lawn, so it couldn’t necessarily be that their scared of snakes in general.

I later started researching this topic, and it seems like most experts are saying that it’s more because the cats are surprised and startled. Since cats are very territorial creatures anything that would startle them would get just about the same reaction.

So then I thought I would try to test that theory, but instead of using a cucumber I was going to use an apple, since to me and apple doesn’t necessarily resemble any particular animal. However, I quickly found out I’m nowhere near as stealthy as I need to be in order startled my cats with the cucumber or anything else.


It turns out it’s a good thing I’m not that stealthy. Where there may be a lot of theories of why the cats react this way, one thing that all animal behaviorists believe is that when you are doing this to your cat just for a laugh you’re stressing the cat out.

Cats usually think that where they eat is safe place. Introducing something unknown, regardless of what it is, will make them anxious, as you are startling them when they’re in their comfort zone. As it is a cat’s natural reaction to run and get away from anything that initially startles them right off the bat. This reaction could lead them to getting hurt by running into a household item, stumbling or leaving them anxious for days.

Even though I definitely thought this video was absolutely hilarious, after reading what the experts say it made me feel a little guilty for laughing and then trying it out myself. This is probably one of the only times I can say “Thank goodness, I’m slow”. J


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