Cats Demanding Attention


Oh, the undivided attention of a needy kitty. Either they want nothing to do with you, or they won’t stop until they are sufficiently snuggled. There really isn’t much of an in between.

Usually, cats are pretty even tempered, but they sometimes have sporadic outbursts of intense craziness. Just like these random episodes of insanity, cats can also have moments of extreme dependence. Especially if you’ve been away from them for a few hours. That’s like days in cat time.

When a cat feels like it’s not getting enough attention, this is when you get the memorable paw in the face moments. They are excellent at getting our attention, when they want it.


I have a little kitty that likes to stick her claws in my leg and stretch, every time she sees me. I’m the only one she does it to and I absolutely hate it. I’m pretty sure she knows that, too. I’ve learned that if I pick her up and give her cuddles right away, then I can avoid the claws to the leg.

As long as kitty is well fed, has a comfy home with adequate feline play things and gets regular attention then you most likely will go long periods of time without even seeing your furry friend.

Some cats are the exception to the rule. Kittens, well they’re just trying to adjust in a world that’s all brand new to them. They get a free pass. But others are just emotionally clingy. They get comfort in knowing that we will allow their crazy quirks.

One of my cats, thinks that perching on a person’s shoulder, like a bird, is a naturally appropriate thing to do. He’s quite a large cat, so it really doesn’t work so well. He also does this thing where he’ll stick his tail end in your face. He reserves this gesture for people that he’s fond of. This cat is one of those that are perpetually needy.

Excessive attention seeking beyond what is normal for your cat, might be cause for alarm. Sometimes our fur friends will act more outwardly if there is an underlying health issue. Cats can be overly affectionate if they are in pain. Getting loved on by their human is incredibly soothing to them.

If you think this is the reason your cat is being so lovey, then getting them to a veterinarian is a good idea. Otherwise, just go with it and love your fur baby right back.

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