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Ask any cat lover, and they will tell you that cats can be the most affectionate and loving companions a person can have. Yet sometimes cats get a bad rap. They are often referred to as evil, mean and conniving; always being portrayed as the villain in those adorable animated animal movies. I seem to hear this phrase fairly often, “I love animals, but I am really a dog person.” But I always wonder, why can’t we be dog and cat people?

No doubt there are striking differences between the cat and the dog, but are cats really just a mean colder version of the family pet? I would have to adamantly say no. Any cat lover would agree that cats are just as loyal, loving and affectionate as dogs, in fact some times they are more so.

Cats are often misunderstood, and that’s because we are always comparing them to dogs. Dogs are pack animals, they were not meant to live alone. Dogs demand socialization and company which naturally lends them to be loyal companions. Being animals of solitude, cats are remarkably different. In the wild cats live solo; that’s what makes a cat’s loyalty so special and unique, they don’t need you, they choose you.


A dog’s body language is very easy to read. The wagging tails and jumping with excitement is no doubt a sign they are happy and excited to see you. We seem to want the same reactions from our feline friends, and often misinterpret their own unique demonstrations of affection. If you’re not sure about a cat, here are a few signs they love you and trust you.

  • She slowly blinks one eye. In the feline world, slowly blinking one eye is the ultimate sign of trust. The slow blink is only done when she is completely comfortable with you, and is a clear gesture of acceptance.
  • She rolls over and shows her tummy- a cat’s underbelly is a vulnerable spot, which she normally protects. By flashing her soft belly at you she is showing that she trusts you, and knows that you will love and protect her.
  • She head butts you. It may seem strange but getting a head butt from your kitty is a big deal. When your cat rubs her head on you, she is depositing facial pheromones. These pheromones show that she feels close to you, and wants to “claim” you as hers
  • She meows at you, at lot. Felines in the wild have been studied, and it was noted that wild cats do not use meowing to communicate with one another. In fact these cats were nearly silent. Cats have used meowing as a means of communicating with people. So her chirps, trills, and long meows are her special way of wanting your attention and trying to talk to you.

Cats are truly unique, loving and thoughtful pets. They may just take a bit more understanding, but in my opinion it’s totally worth it.


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