Category - Small Animals

Category includes any small domesticated animal such as mice, guinea pigs, hamsters, bunnies, birds, ferrets, chinchillas

Small Animals

Sloth Life

  Sloths…is there really anything else to say about them? Besides the fact they’re internet stars. There are other things we can get to but how can we move past any modern day, funny or dirty, meme. There is a...

Small Animals

Burrito Bats

I think we can all agree bats are well, they’re scary, to say the least. That has been the common conception that everyone has been fed. Going along with any scary movie that comes to mind and specifically, vampire related...

Small Animals

Traveling Penguin

One of the most common activities in the animal kingdom is the art of migration. Some do it for food, and some for breeding. Some will also travel long distances to find a better habitat for their kind. Some of these adventures...

Small Animals

Furry Outlet Cover?

Mice are a type of creature that I would prefer remained outside. Or in a cage, where you can watch them run on a spinning wheel for entertainment. Seeing one scamper across the floor in front of you right after you get up in the...

Small Animals

Flamingo Flash Mob

Imagine relaxing on a beach, when a group of tall pink birds slowly come strolling in, they line up, and then begin to dance and sing in rhythm. This highly synchronized dance is how the lonely flamingo can find a mate. No doubt...

Small Animals

Moonwalking Bird

Pay attention gentlemen and put on your dancing shoes! This is one flashy way to grab a ladies attention. This moonwalking bird is called a red-capped manakin, and he knows how to put on one heck of a show. After watching this...